December 4, 2023

Pietà Defiled by Grotesque Freak

Remembering PervPope Francis’s big Tranny Hooker Lunch from two weeks ago

Russia resembles old Catholic Vatican, not the U.S.: “We have a tale of two Supreme Courts that is also a tale of two Countries. One now in the hands of the forces of evil, the other emerging from evil and slowly marching towards Christian restoration"

Celibate priesthood goes back to the Apostles, not the Middle Ages, but the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel would never know that

Cd. Burke ordered to ‘pay market rate’ for his Vatican apt or get out. He’s expected to leave. What about the other cardinals in the building?

Pope Francis and John Kerry “know that nowhere near the current population of the planet can be sustained without the fossil fuels that are the lifeblood of the world economy. Their plan is for most of us to die for their ideology.”

“Nighty night, baby” ThugCardinal Tobin: ‘Faith leaders’ can influence the world on climate change

DeathChurch: Global warming lady activists invade Turin Bishop’s Sunday Mass, start yelling at everyone and reading evil FrancisPamphlets

Guy whose job it is to make up global warming lies and pretend he’s Catholic claims The Faithless Francis is ‘waking up the Church.’ Here is a picture of some fake nuns from somewhere.

COP 28 DeathCult: Does the commie Pope Francis really support this?

NZ gov’t whistleblower data makes murderous FrancisDoctrines clear: “There is no doubt anymore: These vaccines are killing machines”

“We’re shocked!...They’re anti-constitutional!” – Francis’s German Swishops blast the pro-Christian AfD party after gains

“It harms the faculties that makes us human” - After Denver Bp. Aquila writes a letter about marijuana, he writes an article about why he wrote a letter about marijuana

....Ships face Houthi-claimed attack in Red Sea as officials say a US warship also fires in self-defense

....Religion of Peace: 4 killed, 50 injured by Islamist terror bombing at Catholic college student Mas in Mindanao, Philippines: No-one apprehended

....CruxMag’s Allen on FrancisChurch’s Muslim-shuttling racket: “NGO scandal a reminder that a [Stunt]Pope’s (greasy) friends can be as dangerous as his enemies” [like Cd. Burke?!]

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