March 22, 2019

‘Nasty little imps nipping' at Steve Skojec’s heels day in and day out!


C212: Catholics Are Men of Action, Not Philosophizing Larpers. The FrancisMassacre Must Be Stopped.

Five minute interview with boy who was kidnapped and threatened with immolation by illegal Italian Muslim

The Islamic State’s caliphate has officially ended as its last stronghold is liberated

Sad: New Zealand’s Prime Minister dons hijab, orders national broadcast of Islamic call to prayer

Well-fed Francis tells pediatricians not to show any deference to people willing to pay them. Scolds that they can't 'lay their head on a pillow' until they've done everything they can!

'Be Evil': Google Bans VPN Ads Helping Chinese Circumvent Censorship

H.S. girls made late for class waiting for 'trannies' to get out of their locker rooms

....Bergoglio and McCarrick: Manipulating the Conclave

....In interview, 'good guy' Ex-Ferrara Bp. Luigi Negri 'not too worried' about some worrisome things

....“Do-it-yourself depose-a-pope may be emotionally satisfying but it is not an option for grown-ups in a real world!” HyperSmart and well-adjusted Fr. Hunwicke seconds Bp. Schneider’s inspiring call to sit and wait because Honorius, you know

....If the faithful can’t “simply decide for themselves that a Pope has un-Poped himself on account of heresy,” does that mean he’s not an enormous heretic, that he has not deposed himself, or that the Church should not investigate his validity?

....Fr. Chad Ripperger: Don't read negative or argumentative things or bad mouth the pope, OK? You know, Catholics weren't even allowed to discuss theological matters without a bishops' approval back in the day!

...."I fear sometimes that in the name of speaking truth about the failures of some bishops, priests and laity alike may fundamentally undermine the legitimate authority of all bishops!" - CWR posts windy appeal to do nothing in the name of 'holiness'

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