February 20, 2018



Aleteia: Sandwiches are really bad for global warming!

‘Be good courageous soldiers of Christ, because when we are with Christ, we are the winners.' - Cream City Catholic Interviews Bp. Schneider

"Better late than never!" - Fr. Lucie-Smith pretends that the FrancisCave over Nigerian Bishop signals some kind of new Francis

After several years and many millions, Orange County 'Hour of Power' Christ Cathedral almost ready to be a welcoming, versatile worship space

CatholicThing: American Catholic intellectuals are too American, not scholarly! They have no intellectual tradition, see?!

Shea: Take all the guns because you’ll never fix the black human heart!

North Korean Athletes Who Don’t Win Gold Face Torture Upon Return

FirstThings on FrancisGospel expert, Cd. Cupich: Now in some ways, the cardinal’s use of the term “paradigm shift” might be thought problematic.

Viral: Well-Known Protestant Vblogger explains to her followers how her research showed her that the Truth is Catholic.

Gang of Nine FrancisBot, Cd. O'Malley: As I have previously shared, there can be no rational justification for allowing private citizens to have personal arsenals of assault weapons. As a nation, we can and must do more.

CruxMag lies: This wouldn't be the first time the Church has done what Francis is doing to the true Chinese Church, you know

Murderous FrancisWitch, Emma Bonini at Naples Basilica. Cardinal Sepe: 'I don’t really handle that scheduling area.'

Phony FrancisCardinal Mahony Fears Being Heckled. Mother Angelica was right about him.

Gang of Nine German Cd. Marx full steam ahead toward sacrilegious, sinful ‘intercommunion’ with the Holy Church of Francis

The Francis tells imprisoned criminals: God can forgive your sins over and over and over, OK? He never gets tired of forgiving all those sins!

HereticFrancis to Catholics: Some of you are just too dumb to understand me. To the others, I find no spiritual goodness in you.

Mad fondling FrancisJudge, Monsignor Pietro Amenta, cops a plea

Setting the Stage: Cardinal Marx on ‘Commission’ to Prepare ‘Discussion’ of Blessing Homosexual Couples

Has Pedo-Protecting Francis Deep-Sixed Cd. Burke’s tribunal on Guam Abp. Apuron, his own nephew, and other teen boys?

Lenten FrancisPreacher: “Connecting with one’s own thirst is not easy work, but if we do not do it, the spiritual life loses its grip on reality.”

....Refreshing! Hyper-creepy San Jose Bp. McGrath releases repulsive promotional video about entering the Confessional with guys like himself.

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