April 24, 2018


Substantial remains of FrancisSaint John XXIII to make brief pitstop in Bergamo

Gay New Ways Chronicles Ups and Downs of Brave Fr. Greg Greiten After He Came Out of the Closet and Bp. Listecki Didn't Mind

Salvadoran auxiliary lobbies for Francis to canonize Communism with new FrancisSaint Romero and Panamanian World Youth Day!

HellPope: These rigid people put themselves at the center, thus remain untouched before the works of my Holy Spirit and insensitive to new things, see? Those Doctors of the Law couldn't discern the signs of the times either!

His Holy Francis: the children of God are open to the 'new' brought by the Spirit, dammit!

Really manly DictatorFrancis to Swiss Guard: If you see someone gossiping tell them, “Stop. That’s not allowed!”

Villanova conferencees take turns saying the most outrageous, inane, and worshipful bits of nonsense about His Holy Francis

FrancisEffect: U.S. Priestly ordinations in full collapse!

Wildly Successful! - L.A. Archdiocese inserts additional seminary first year of "propaedeutic formation" (garbagy FrancisClasses) to help them 'prove' vocations

Brazil bishops join The Francis in blasting media for 'polarization' (calling attention to their faithless corruption)

Really manly Fr. Thomas Rosica on ten crushed under Toronto van: Such senseless, horrible killing of many innocent people who were outside enjoying our first taste of spring!

Incoming pro-life chair, Abp. Naumann, to keynote National Catholic Prayer Breakfast

....Wiki: Remember the Alder Hey Hospital Organs Scandal?

....What has The Francis really done to save Alfie Evans and everyone else like him?


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